Vijaya Devika, Meghalaya

I just want to say Thanks a lot for everything ! You are an amazing person , you are very blessed from God ! This morning you said something that was so true , your predictions are amazing ! Thank you so much ! May God bless you forever !

Sati Prema, Haryana

Well thank you so much Dr.SS, this is 90 percent spot on!! Fantastic and thnx so much for taking so much time over this reading!! Iam grateful to you and will print this out for my future reference!! Iam still waiting to make my money fast LOL!! All the best to you always and once again, thnx very much!! Very kind of you!! ?

Anita Seema, Karnataka

Dear Sir Many thanks for giving me confidence and motivating me so as not to worry. Also as you had predicted my business is intact . Appreciate your prediction and being myside always in tough times.

Malati Sunita, Mizoram

Thank you so much..after getting in touch with you the biggest misery of my life came to an end..the bank loan got settled..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swapnil Ratnam, Gaya

Brother, the name alteration done by you for me has worked wonders. I honestly want to thank you from the core of my heart. A big big THANKS!!! God bless you!!! Love and Bliss.

Skanda Siddharta, Dhamtari

I continued to consult him for all the critical phases in the company. Upon his suggestion I took multiple trips abroad and attended specific fairs to showcase my products. If he didn’t suggest those changes, I would have missed crucial partnerships.

Buddha Indrajit, Ahmedabad

Dr.Sengottuvel is a “very down to earth” person. He only tells you something when he is certain about it. He won’t give you any assumptions or write things just to please you. Unlike others who just talk about the good stuff, he talks about both aspects of your life. But he also shows you how to get out of a difficult phase of life if you are going through one. I would recommend him to anyone who looking for answers to problem he can’t understand fully.

Sushil Bharat, Palwal

If anyone is considering having a numerological reading from Dr.SS, then I would urge you not to hesitate. I have been fortunate to have one and was amazed at the accurate detail that he was able to give me concerning past events and patterns of my life. If someone can read your name numerically and from that indicate an event that happened in the first 10 days of your life that no one could possibly guess at, or tell you at what points you changed direction or made certain decisions, and what those changes were, or describe your strengths and weaknesses that have influenced your journey, then it is logical to assume that the information they give you for your future road will be well worth listening to and assimilating. I heartily recommend a reading by Dr.SS.

Manjusha Jyotsana, Surat

Dr.SS has been a revelation for me. I am not usually a believer in stuff like Numerology. But, after interacting with Dr.SS; I was amazed to experience his insights and predictions. I believe strongly in him. He has not only been good for me, but also for my friends and associates to whom I have referred him strongly. I wish Dr.SS all the very best and hope that he continues helping more and more people with his skills and abilities.We wish you all the best. God Bless!

Reena Leela, Goa

It was a great pleasure talking to the developer today. I was quite impressed by your service offering for the human being. I also appreciate and many more thanks to you..

Trishna Shobha, Jharkhand

I am highly satisfied with my horoscope on your website. Most of the facts match with what astrologers have told me.

Navin Ashoka, Idukki

I always see the ways and details and follow them religiously since quite some time. It is truly beneficial. May God Bless you all.
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