Kshitija Veda, Delhi

Dr Sengottuvel is a highly gifted interpreter of Numerology, an art which he has been practicing for almost 30 years. The reading that he did for me was very intuitive,  accurate,  inspiring and illuminating. I had the feeling that he understood and appreciated who I am and where I wanted to go, and responded with observations and suggestions that were both insightful as well as extremely practical. On the occasions that what he said did not ring true, he was open to hearing my perspective, and thus the conversation felt like a very productive and stimulating collaboration. Our culture is ignorant of the profound wisdom that Numerology has to offer us, and it is largely dismissed and disparaged as superstitious  garbage.

Durga Sima, Aurangabad

Our discussion was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get myself focused and on the right path.  Your words and concepts have given me the strength and belief in myself that I can achieve my desires and help people be the best they can be.  I will no longer let others side track me!  Yeah!!! It's amazing how right on numerology is.  I feel better knowing that the life I have lived makes sense according to the numbers. I greatly appreciated the insights you gave me into my self.  Understanding my self is giving me permission to accept and love myself.  This is truly a great gift!

Narendra Chandan, Dholpur

I recently had a numerology session from Dr Sengottuvel.  If you are interested in understanding numerology and how it pertains to your life journey, then I highly recommend a reading.  I found it to be accurate, insightful and helpful. 

Shyam Shrinivas, Coimbatore

This past week I had my reading done. When it was read to me I was floored! This man brought to surface things I have been struggling with for years! It's almost as if he could see my soul!  I can't wait to see him again! Thank You sir!

Jayanti Roshanara , Kolkata

I'll never forget my reading with you and all the good information you have shared with me over the years.

Kaveri Dipika, Karnataka

Reading is a straightforward and practical guide to numerology that successfully educates its readers about the spiritual essence, as well as the mechanics, of numerology. Using simple terms and clear, Dr s.s takes the reader on a step-by-step journey of self-discovery as he teaches them how to interpret and integrate their numerology reading to achieve a deeper understanding of their earthly experience.

Ranjeet Kavi, Pune

You are quite simply extraordinary. What a professional, what a master teacher. Incredible to read your prediction and how you came to that conclusion.

Raja Chiranjivi, Vishakhapatnam

Thanks so much for your time this morning. I really appreciate your help and insights -- I feel a lot better already!  

Avinash Harish, Haryana

Thank you so much for yesterday.  I have been in a major rut and you gave me confidence to move forward.

Devdan Jayendra, Maharashtra

I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for two of my daughters and my own report.  I know you put a lot of time and effort into them.  I found them very insightful.  The one you did today for ania was a blessing.  She has just been drifting in this abyss.  I have been at a loss of what to say or do for her.  You have really hit things on the head for her and have given her so much hope and a refocus to her life.  Many things you told her I've been telling her but coming from you gave them a whole new meaning.  You have opened up her eyes and mostly gave her positive thinking.  She plans to do all the things you suggested she needs to do. 

Sitara Maya, Puducherry

Thank you again for the readings you gave me. They have been very instrumental in guiding me on my journey.

Anika Gauri, Uttar Pradesh

Michael did a reading for me over three years ago and I was skeptical, but I took his advice where he gave it. Over time, everything he said has been accurate. His ability to perceive deeply is unsurpassed in my opinion.

Shreya Kishori, Delhi

Thank you so much for the great numerology session last evening!  Judy and I really learned a lot and it was fun talking with you.
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