Rajendra Surya, Warangal

Well a good gardner doesnt just water the grass and leave everything else to chance.....he attends to every corner, branch and stem.....congrats Sengottuvel sir upon adding ur service professionally..

Shekhar Buddha, Gaya

wow.....sounds like the stumbling block was broke down, ...that is wonderfull that your special gift can unlock closed passage ways to a better brighter future that was intended for them to have......somehow along the way things get locked up for people......glad you were born with the key in your hand.......simply awesome.......

Jay Lal, Changlang

Heres a idea.. you know how kids love trading cards ..adult 's too...what if there was lucky Sengottuvel fortune trading cards......of course kids love that square of hard chewing gum.....just like baseball cards....i know when i go eat out at a chinese restuarnt i cant wait to read my fortune cookie.....it makes me happy......it's mind over matter...and fun...like most fortune cookies they are positive......so could your cards be , colorfull.....fun and collectiable,,,,,,, Thanks for your positive vibes

Chiranjeevi Kunal, Andhra Pradesh

All I can say is WOW!!! You have got me spot on!! You really have “woken me up” to what’s going on and why!! Many thanks!

Amrita Amita, Nalbari

I have consulted Dr.Sengottuvel , and it has benefited me a lot. Their advice has really worked for us and helped us in our organization.Lots of Love, thank you.

Indira Suniti, Gujarat

Dr.SS's deep knowledge, accuracy and pragmatic solutions in astrology and numerology makes, an encounter with him, a very positive result oriented experience. The privacy and confidentiality he lends to his clients is an added advantage! He is definitely a master of numbers and charts.

Gita Sunitha, Sonipat

www.mynumerology.in is a very helpful and informative website, it helps me get clarity and focus for my business. It has helped me in improving my caliber and using my potential to the maximum,a simple hasslefree guide towards correct living which can easily be utilized by a lay man...I SUGGEST U TRYYYYYY!!

Prema Reshmi, Kerala

Dr.SS's no-nonsense and non-judgemental approach towards astro-numerology makes cynics also find logic and reason in his advices and solutions. His study and knowledge in this mystic science reasserts ones belief in the cosmic plan and universal mathematics.

Amitabh Jaya, Lakshdweep

I have consulted Dr.Sengottuvel for guidance and whenever I have approached them and visited their website, I have unfailingly found the answers. The website has helped me, and I have complete faith in them. I thank Dr.Sengottuvel for the hope and guidance that they have given me.

Rohit Vivek, Maharashtra

Dr.Sengottuvel has enabled a positive transformation in our Business. Thank You!

Swaran Gopinath, Palakkad

Your site is superb and I have already told about this site to many of my friends and I believe, many of my relatives as well are using your site.
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