Saraswati Anila, Sikkim

I appreciate that your site is mostly to help people and have no intention of minting like other similar sites who simply tries to grab money from needy people. Hats off to you for having such a busy site. I expect to be normal soon with the courage I am getting from the daily forecast etc.

Karishma Roshanara, Barmer

I got my first export bussiness deal. Its a great things for me. Its about inr 50 lakh per month business. Thank u man for helping me. I am very greatful to u.Thank u.. N they r eager to work with me in a other project also.Thank u n u r great man..U changed my everthing within few days, How can i thank u??...

Kalyani Ankita, Madurai

I really enjoy working with you Dr.Sengottuvel. You have such a balanced and intuitive nature. You put my mind and heart at ease, and came up with some great ideas for me to look at as far as my business is concerned. I’m anxious to put the money spread into action and see what happens.

Chanda Narayana, Hyderabad

I have to admit though, that I was absolutely floored by the Diamond Report. I have not had such a crystal clear and precision accurate report before. I have had many astrological charts, numerology charts, readings done by psychics, but no one was ever able to explain why certain things happened in my life and continue to happen persistently. Your Diamond Report explained it so well and accurately. Even my negative tendencies were accurate to the ‘T’. I appreciated the recommendations. Again, I thank you for this insightful reading. I absolutely loved it.”

Gopinath Anil, Kerala

I initially got in touch with him when I started my own business. He did a numerological reading for it and suggested few dates for the launch. He also explained to me the logic behind choosing certain dates and the positive effect it will have in the business. I followed this advice and did as instructed. The result is clear: not only the launch was successful but it is still doing very well. I owe a lot to Dr.Sengottuvel.

Jitendra Kalidas, Kodagu

All received thank you and all I have to say is WOW! I have had brief numerology reports done before, and they haven’t really inspired me but I have always had a feeling that there is so much more to numerology and obviously there is! You have put pieces of the puzzle in place for me that now makes so much more sense so thank you – it was amazing to read!

Shanta Parvati, Shimla

” Everything in the report is so accurate”,” Your report has given me lots of hope” & ” Thankyou so much for this it’s been really helpful & I’m so glad I got in touch with you”

Rukmini Anuja, Raipur

I found each report I ordered and received to be very insightful and useful. The information within each has helped me to redirect my business and find more success!

Vina Nirmala, Bhojpur

My session with you was really good. The first few facts you told about me took me completely by surprise. Your assessment was accurate to an extent of 99% approximately. I feel much obliged and relaxed after talking to you.

Dev Anand, Puducherry

Dr.Sengottuvel is a true guiding light, who can help you on your own personal journey. For an accurate, truthful and insightful reading…look no further, because you have found the right place.

Dayaram Kamala, Assam

I use to see and it seems to be more accurate and more science for me. So i got impressed by this site..

Mohandas Murali, Gujarat

I will recommend this site to all friends and relatives in the weekends and also to all members of our social group people and you will find some more users of your site soon,I will do whatever I could..
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