Sharma Mohandas, Kerala

Thanks Dr SS.  I'm extremely pleased with the reading.  I never would've known about my "power".  I felt empowered today and I'm looking forward to going into work tonight.  That's something I don't say too often.

Rohan Dhananjay, Lucknow

Thank you so much for the numerology report, it is great value for money and I love that you include both systems of numerology. The extensive first name list has been very helpful and by reading the report I now have the tools to work out, on my own, any name that is right for me (I'm not just restricted to the names on the list). Will be returning soon to have my sons reports done!

Vishnu Manish, New Delhi

\I received a reading from Johny in June. I was told to change my name for a better vibration. After I read the information, I decided to do so. In August, I legally changed my name. After I left the courthouse, the first thing I noticed was that I felt very good as if a gorilla was off my back. Within the first month, I noticed that people were more receptive to me. I attracted a powerful lawyer to help me in a legal matter that was settled in a very positive way. I also was able to meet some very powerful/influential people right away-- both professionally and privately. Thanks again to you and professional numerology.

Pravin Suraj, Tripura

Hello Johny, Thank you so much for the report. I like your system numerology, very helpful. I will encourage everybody to consult you because of the insights and helpful suggestions and that you always got back to me whenever i needed help or answers to my endless question. Very impressive and great work. All the best to you.

Dipika Kashi, Varanasi

I am so glad to have found this precious information on numerology. I was upset, everything I did in my life was ending up incomplete/failed. I was crazy and frustrated but much thanks to Dr Sengottuvel his precious analysis has helped me to get back my life and understand the missing elements for my success. Once again thank u!

Reshmi Vijaya, Karaikal

Thank you sooo much for my reading...i have a better over-standing of myself. Oh i will be ordering a reading for my significant other. She actually lives in London and is having a tough time in life

Amita Kshitija, Meghalaya

Thank you so much for the reading, it was fantastic! i really enjoyed it. I was wondering are you able to suggest me a couple more perfect names? i like oksana n samanta, but i dont think they suit me.

Vikrama Lalit, Raipur

Dear Sengottuvel, I want to thank your for my personal reading, it was very interesting to read. Most of all I want to thank you for answering all my questions and for helping me to change my name, so I can change my vibration and my luck in life. I will update you on any changes in my life when I have been using my new name for a while. Many thanks for your patience, you are very kind. I am recommending you to all my friends and the people I work with too.

Chiranjeevi Vasu, Telangana

Dr Sengottuvel your numerology reading was great. It has been 1 year since I have changed my name and I see so many positive changes. Where do you want me to start? I got a great government job. I feel I have more energy. I also got married 2 months ago to a wonderful person. Before the name change I always felt unlucky.

Rohit Sanjiv, Maharashtra

I wanted to thank you so much for your very in depth reading that you did for me! There was so much information that I continually go back to check on parts that I missed! Having the personal one on one call to go along with my reading so that I could ask specific questions was fantastic. You were very patient with me and personable. Everything is energy! I believe being in awareness of the vibrations that we carry and resonate is one piece of the big puzzle that we can help with. It is really amazing how it all makes sense. Sincerely Thank You.

Kshitija Rukmini, Udaipur

Hi Sir, I just finished reading my numerology reading and it was extremely accurate. I truly believe we are ruled by numbers from birth to death. The name you suggested for me is perfect. It sounds good and I like it!  I will highly recommend you to my most intimate friends for a reading. Thank you very much and I shall be persistent and have faith with the advice and suggestions you have offered me. Thank you once again, and keep bringing this true mystical technology to the public eye.

Seeta Anima, Allahabad

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help. I must have asked you a many questions. You always answer back and are patient and knowledgeable with me. Your reading assisted me in finding a name that should vibrate even better for me- not that the old one was bad- I just wanted something that'd allow me to follow my path as fully as possible. I am so very grateful. Thank you again and many blessings to you!!

Sonal Neha, Dimapur

Thank you. We enjoyed your numerology reading and guide. We really liked the detailed numerology guide that we received from you. You did a fabulous job.
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