Nilima Karishma, Bishnupur

Dear Sengottuvel, I have discovered YOU and your knowledge. I have studied numerology for 20ish years purely as a hobby. I am now studying with Australia’s top numerologist Max Coppa and still refer to books and then you presented. I love and revere your knowledge and thank you for coming to me. Thank you for you reply etc. I will embrace your teachings.

Kalidas Siddharta, Nizamabad

"Dr.S.Sengottuvel is a force of nature! His insightful, humorous and accurate readings have delighted our listeners as well as give them guidance for their lives."

Jyotsna Sashi, Pali

I was listening the other night and well, I did the numbers. I almost cried. I am a 9 (7/28/1972) and yes, my mother did abandon me. She told me to get out of the car and the last thing that she said to me was I was ruining her life. Yes that still hurts. I do consider myself as unloved. I know that Ive got to get over it but what now? Since your definition of the 9 was dead on, I will follow your readings and try to fix my life.Thank you.

Sima Abha, Sikkim

Predictions for Me and my hubby were so accurate...Thanks SS ji..

Sandhya Manjula, Alappuzha

Hi, Your predictions are right for my son, Thanxs..

Nirupama Mohini, Bangalore

Thanks for being so kind and thanks for your love ,support and care. I owe a lot to you. You are a wonderful person.

Sashi Kalyani, Tiruchirappalli

Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most. I'll always be there for you. May God bless you.

Rajneesh Singh, Punjab

Awesome write up ..God Bless you and lucky to know a wonderful person like you... Thanks for everything and wish you more success in Life...

Rajnish Avinash, Rajasthan

Beauitfull write up on you so happy for your does my heart good knowing that i have a famous friend who has a heart for so many people..

Thier are those who have no veil....they know things..they see things....they know the future before it Sengottuvel have no veil....and you are open to everything, born to be a guide.

Sujay Mitra, Howrah

I saw positive change in my life after spelling change bro.THANKS A TON!!!!

Kausalya Reshmi, Kerala

U being a celebrity r down to earth..

Deepali Pritha, Madhya Pradesh

U r a champ sir...GOD bless u n ur family always
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