Gotama Aditya, Amritsar

I watched you and was so happy to see you! Will you be on again? I have seen you on different times over the years and am amazed at your talent. You are always right on the mark. I have read you readings and love to tell others about numerology. You have greatly changed my life for the better. You have been an inspiration to me in making me understand my life, husband, and friends through the knowledge of numbers. Keep up the good work!!

Priti Devika, Madhepura

“Numerology is getting really exciting now. I listened to last week’s lesson and it is now coming together. Numerology has its own language. Once you know the vocabulary, the sentences begin to flow.”

Murali Skanda, Guntur

“Since I have started this wonderful numerology , I have seen a lot of changes in myself. Before studying with you, life was a huge puzzle, but now every piece is coming into the right place, and I can see the big picture. I can see and feel the expansion in myself. The journey is fantastic, and with each lesson, my understanding continues to expand.”

Anita Maya, Thrissur

Thanks and i wanna say ur predictions really are perfect. As u can see i have toh become a big fan of urs. Thanks Dr.SS ji

Ranj Madhur, Narsinghpur

God bless,,,,,will soon get done kp readigs as well frm u

Lakshman Navin, Aravalli

Sir a simple word 4 u...u r a GEM

Ramakrishna Prabhat, Chhattisgarh

I'm surprised by your readings.Well calculated Reading highly Impressed...

Divya Manisha, Pune

As you predict, my company is about to shut down.U gave me courage to live again....Thanks for all ur help.....Will always remember u.....

Vasundhara Meena, Coimbatore

A big thanks to you 4 improving my numerologic insight...infact éarlier i had talked to u and u told me why im nt using new name on fb.that very day i changd my fb name and its hardly 2mths and im getting gud results in all areas. God bless u

Shamouna, Goa

You are an angel, the meaning of my name SHAMOUNA is "an angel who spreads the light" but it suits you more.
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