Nishant Avinash, Udaipur

However, when I receive the reading and understood the numerology report. I WAS FLOORED! I had to pause periodically in AWE and got very excited at the ACCURACY and RELEVANCE of the information provided by your report. I have NEVER read a Numerology report that hit the nail on the head as accurately as yours. Magically & Hypnolariously,

Prasad Shankar, Odisha

I want to say thank you for your readings once again! I received your numerology reading a couple of days ago and it has truly impacted my pet’s life and the lives of those people who are here! I recall even now how I cried when reading the description. So many things became so clear, including my frustrations with self. I wanted to share it with the world! :-)

Rajendra Aditya, Tamil Nadu

I think your readings and Internet site is the best, most complete, and user-friendly compilation of the art and science of numerology that I have come accross in my 15 years as a scholar and amateur.

Shyama Nikita, Solapur

You are by far the best in the world. Your reports are so accurate and so detailed. When my numerology readings was done by you, I was so shocked and surprised because I had no idea that numerology could or would be so accurate. AND of course, it depends on who is the "author." No one does numerology like you.

Preeti Sunitha, Bhopal

Skeptical at first that my pet’s name and birth date alone could produce so much of interest, I am skeptical no longer. The Reading I ordered has proven to be an infallible guide as well as an inspirational source of support and confirmation.

Ananta Jyotsana, Jharkhand

I received both readings yesterday. Thank you for your prompt response. My husband and I read our readings last night and we are very impressed. Your reports are comprehensive and accurate. We have ordered numerology reports before, but yours are much more specific than anything we have ever seen. We are enclosing an order form for 3 more readings for our sons. Thank you.

Amrit Lal, Lucknow

I love your reading. Especially this upgrade. It is better than any of numerology programs (I own 3), and less expensive too!

Vijay Rajendra, Hyderabad

What initially prompted me to go to the INTERNET for information on numerology was a recent broadcast on Coast-to-Coast AM. I feel you ared talented, knowledgeable and terribly interesting because your subject is interesting! However...I see from what you offers on your website, compared to yours, is nothing short of pathetic!!!

Rajiv Chetan, Kerala

I am a major fan of Mr. Sengottuvel and I am hoping he will get you on just as soon as for George, well they go by subject spurts and since Numerology was just done it might be a while. Yet I am recommending you as future guests.

Reena Kamini, Assam

I honestly cannot get over what I am reading in this material you offer. What is especially enlightening is information. I was estranged from since my young adulthood due to several factors, including theological differenes. Thank you again for this fabulous knowledge base...what a joy it must be to know you have helped so have met the challenge of your own "calling" and to have done so with so much generosity. Continued success in all you do...

Suniti Pritha, Jhalawar

The readings are truly dynamic, so in-depth, and so 'right-on' ! The readings are well explained, and the forecasts insightful. Anyone can easily comprehend them . But as a student of Numerology one could not ask for a better tool ! With these and the WORKSHOP I can really practice and learn! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, as for me, ---- I shall do my best to pass it on... Respectfully,

Dipika Chanda, Amritsar

Thank you so much for your quick reply and handling of the reading. Everything works well now, which looks much better than the thought we had. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Have a nice weekend!

Pradeep Shankara, Mysore

You have been wonderful to work with and so professional in your timely responses. Unfortunately, this is a rarity in today's world. Thank you!
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